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this is my 4° game, z-saur is a "beat´em up" like as duble dragon but with dinosaurs.

the game haven´t sound and music by my hardware damaged (constant blue screen and damaged audio driver) D,:


up to 4 players co-op

8 dinosaurs playbables (6 hidden skins on each dinosaur)

five languages (english, español, italian, deutsch, francais)

controls (if you want, try use joystick with an emulatoror two keyboards connected):

player 1: 

arrows keys - move

o - attack

p - push

player 2:

w,a,s,d - move

z - attack

x - push

player 3:

y,g,h,j - move

b - attack

n - push

player 4:

4,5,6,8 - move

1 - attack

2- push


- 2 players is much easy to complete the game

-standing recover energy and health faster

-keep one eye in your HUD, attacks uses more energy and red letters means low health

-big dinos have more chance to stun enemies

-to defeat big enemies, avoid moving up and down and attack or attack that enemy on focusing in other player

-if a player lost all lives, can´t respawn in all game (no ckeckpoints), keep alive

-enemies can´t attack on side you up or down, use it in your advantage (but they can push you around or get stuck)

-the game haven´t pause, kill all enemies on your screen and take a breath before continue

"history: a meteor falls into the valley lake poisoning the water, the dinosaurs get infected through it and an epidemic of a mutating virus occurs, the others who survive have to reach the other side to take refuge"

a little donation is a big help for making games n.n, please give me a feedback n.n


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z-saur_32_bits.zip 39 MB
z-saur_linux_x86.zip 39 MB
z-saur_osx.zip 28 MB
z-saur_resources.zip 20 MB

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